How to Use Feng Shui to Improve Your Love Life

The power of feng shui can be applied to any aspect of your life, including enhancing your love life. Whether you are searching for that one true love, or you already have a significant other, it would not hurt if you arrange your home space to find, attract, and even keep a joyful and lasting relationship.

Make your bedroom comfortable for two

If you already have a bed bigger than a twin-size, you do not need to buy a new bed in order to find new love. However, avoid putting your bed on one corner of your bedroom or hiding behind the door.

Make your bed balanced

Make sure your bed has a balanced feng shui on both sides. Remember that the bed can be used by two partners in a loving relationship. And for that relationship to work in a long term, both persons should feel equal, respected, and treated well. Make sure that you have a nightstand on both sides of your bed. If you are putting a lamp on one nightstand, make sure you have the same lamp for the other side.

Have space in your closet

Using only half of you closet space allows your loved one to put his or her things on the other side of the closet. However, leaving a breathing room in your closet does not promote better health and restricts your opportunities.

Treat your bathroom and kitchen well

There are three most important rooms in feng shui: Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen. Make sure that all of these areas have positive feng shui to help you improve the flow of energy inside the house.

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